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UPCOMING CLASS with TR1BE global and PLC Learning Center...

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TR1BE global has partnered with the PLC Learning Center in Oakhurst to develop a series of courses being offered to the community that provide a comprehensive understanding of the subjects presented. The first of these will begin June 17 with Marianna "Cookie" Burrett whose passion for permaculture is inspiring and contagious. On July 15, Steven Flanagan explores the historic use of herbs for food and health, and, on August 19, Sage Buffington brings her expertise to methods of safely preserving our garden bounty – completing the first cycle of Growing, Knowing and Preserving for a Healthy Lifestyle.  


1.  June 17 - Designing an Ecological Garden: Applying permaculture techniques with Marianna Burrett. Enjoy an overview of permaculture – permanent agriculture – utilizing the space around your home to build an ecological forest of trees, shrubs, and gardens that provide beauty for your eyes and spirit.  Learn to design an eco-garden with both permanent and seasonal plants. Cookie will also discuss the use of catching, conserving, and using water, in tune with the mountain area’s own climate and seasonal cycles, in addition to other important permaculture concepts. 

2.  July 15 - Historic Use of Herbs for Food and Health: Exploring the old ways of using herbs for simple remedies and health as well as food. Steven Flanagan is excited to share his knowledge of herbs that thrive in the mountains. He will discuss what these herbs are, explain their traditional and modern uses, and instruct us on the techniques of growing them. You’ll also learn how to harvest, prepare and use the herbs from infusions to tinctures, from balms to compresses. 

3. August 19 - Preserving the Garden’s Bounty: A journey of techniques. Welcome to the world of food preservation. Sage Buffington, with several decades of experience, is the perfect choice to lead you through ancestral to modern food preservation techniques. Learn how to prepare foods for dehydration, canning, fermentation, freezing, and other methods.  Of course, food safety will be at the core of her presentation.  You will be provided hands on opportunities to learn various skills. Be the lucky person to win supplies or books. 




$45 per single class

$120 for all three classes