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UPCOMING and PAST EVENTS with TR1BE global...

Goddess in the Garden 2018 - April 28 - 29, 2018

The application for Goddess in the Garden is available below: 

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GODDESS IN THE GARDEN is a day set aside to share meaningful items of beauty, healing, strength and personal enjoyment. It is an opportunity to be experienced as a presence in our community and offers specially selected services and organic health-filled and handcrafted items designed to enhance the experience of life, and the quest for increased balance and consciousness in all areas of our ‘earth walk’.
Each item offered will have the value of serving an aspect of spiritual, mental, emotional or physical growth and well-being. For example, books would stretch the Mental muscles. Herbs, tinctures, oils and soaps serve to nurture the Body. Ceremonial and tribal clothing, jewelry and objects d’art nurture the Emotional aspect, while candles, incense, meditation tools and intuitive readings would reinforce our desire for Spiritual sustenance.The focus is on balance and health with an emphasis on fun! This is a day designed to celebrate and nurture ALL aspects of our being!Goddess in the Garden is sponsored by One Tribe Global.
You are invited to enjoy a day with a circle of women who celebrate Creativity and Beauty in a Garden Setting - Please join us!


April 29th from 10am-6pm & April 30th from 10am-4pm
at the Coarsegold Historic Village

Pi Event 2016

October 15th at 3:14pm
at Fresno Flats Historic Park

YOU ARE INVITED to the family-friendly Pi Event on October 15, 2016 at Fresno Flats Historical Park, in Oakhurst beginning at 3:14 p.m. (Pi) Historically, Fresno Flats is where our community’s lineage began, and it’s an ideal place to honor the cultural diversity here today. To celebrate, interactive projects will be created at different locations in a fun and festive atmosphere.


* Dress Your Culture! This isn’t required, but it is an opportunity to be bold and proud of the costumes and attire of your heritage.

* World Culture. Bring a copy of a photo of your family – at least one generation past – or an individual or group. At a wedding? Party? Post it on our Photo Collage. (For your convenience, Pak n Page in Oakhurst will make a copy of your family photo at no charge if you mention Pi Event.)

* Finger Paint. Be ready to place your painted handprint on our fabric Art Collage – pens will be provided to write the different countries or states of your lineage.


* Release your Chains! Jail is a symbol of what prevents us feeling our joy. As you stand in the jail, contemplate what keeps you from feeling free. Do others or your own perceptions of yourself limit you? Even kids will feel the impact of being in a real timeout jail.

* People Puzzle. How do you want to be remembered? On a puzzle piece write how you want to be remembered – your legacy -- then add your puzzle piece to the bigger picture. These anonymous sections are interlocked to remind us of our humanity – we are all connected.

* Living the Legacy. A suggestion box will ask for your ideas to make the world a better place, beginning with our family. To help you further this goal, place a suggestion in the Suggestion Box, then take a suggestion. Keep it in your consciousness.


* Wish Bubbles! Make a wish; set an intention/prayer in your mind, then blow the bubble into the world.

* Shine Your Light. Take a battery operated light as we stand together as a community of unique individuals who celebrate our common goals and feel a part of the human family. Let us hold light and send prayers for out into the world for healing.

This event is sponsored by One Tribe Global with the intention of creating a greater feeling of community and connection within the cultural diversity that is our “home town.” It is open to all

who wish to create an atmosphere of greater understanding and acceptance, to celebrate our individual uniqueness, and to recognize our collective humanity.


May 14th from 10am-4pm
at the Coarsegold Historic Village

Goddess in the Garden 2014

May 3rd from 10am-4pm
at 42392 Rd. 222 Oakhurst