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Class: 09 Mindfulness with Food - Nov. 10, 10am to 2pm


As part of our Aspects of Mindfulness class cycle, we present Mindfulness with Food. Eating Consciously.

Have you heard someone judge a food competition who described the food to the point you can almost taste it yourself? Have you watched diners in a restaurant as they sample an amazing dish for the first time? These people are fully present in their experience and are eating in a state of mindfulness. This level of mindfulness changes your relationship not just with food, but your body as well.

We will use movies, tastings, blindfolds, along with excellent food including a selection of chocolates custom designed for this class, to reconsider the hows and whys behind the way we eat. You will come away from this experience with a different relationship with both food and your body. You will not sit down to a meal the same way again!

Space is limited so sign up soon!

Location: AuMil Ranch 42392 Road 222 Oakhurst CA 93644

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